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Workforce Housing Camps

Karmod modular construction can provide quick, easy, affordable and energy-efficient housing solutions. Workforce housing camp built in conex containers can get your man camp up and running in record time. Ideal for rugged job sites like oil fields and mining camps, We supply factory direct volume pricing on rapid deployment portable housing, offices, bunkhouses, worker accomodations, construction offices, Mining Camps, Mine Site Infrastructure, and Remote Camps for Exploration; Modular Construction and Construction Camps; Oil & Gas Facilities, Oilfield Housing,Because man camps, temporary housing, remote housing, remote hotels, workforce housing, employee housing, RV housing, modular housing, Doing business on remote job sites is difficult for natural resource industries projects. Along with the business challenges, quality housing solutions to be used throughout the project is also one of the important issues. In remote modular workforce housing camps, the quality of accommodation structures indirectly affects the working efficiency, it has an effect on the work efficiency. For this reason, workers accommodationshould be considered thoroughly in projects, and the most suitable camp structures should be preferred.

Man Camps and Remote Workforce Housing Camps

Modular workforce housing camps are the best choice you can make for your remote modular workforce camps. Because prefabricated structures are useful and practical structures that can be produced in a very short time.  Karmod, which is preferred all over the world due to its quality for more than 36 years, and one of Turkey’s largest prefabricated building manufacturers, offers modular workforce housing camp solutions to natural resource-based industrial companies and construction companies. With its comfortable structures, Karmod has useful structures that reduce work fatigue for its employees and enable them to start the day more efficiently and therefore to work.

Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing Camp

We are proud to be the choice of the world’s leading enterprises in many sectors from energy to mining, thanks to our building quality and our international organization strength, and our timely installation advantage, in even overseas. Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Guyana, Chile, Mexico are just some of the countries where we have established construction site mobilization …

Gold mining prefab camps in Mexico…

The Modular workforce housing camps we built in Mazapil, located in the central part of Mexico, are used safely by the technical team and workers who will work in mining the gold mine. There are offices, dormitories, dining halls and a laboratory on the gold mine site campus we completed in Mexico. The buildings prepared with a single storey prefabricated model and installed on site have sizes of 370, 260 and 190 square meters.

Gold mining prefab camps in Chile…

Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Workforce Housing  

We have established another of our modular workers camp accommodation projects for employees who will take part in mining the gold mine in Chile, one of the South American countries. We delivered the 6 buildings for the camp, with a total area of ​​866 square meters, in just 55 days, in less than 2 months. The workforce housing camps, which were pre-manufactured in Karmod facilities, were shipped to Chile by sea freight with international standards of transport quality. From here, they were transported to the installation site at the mine site by road. The installation of the structures was carried out by our expert teams.

Prefab Modular Workforce Housing Camps

Workforce housing camps for mine construction in Guinea…

We established mining worker camp structures with our Next Generation Container model in Guinea, one of the West African countries. 600 people can work in the camp, which can be used by the technical office and workers who will work in the gold mine. The camp buildings, which were set up on site and delivered ready for use, have living spaces such as working offices, laboratories, dormitories and dining halls.

Whether it is temporary, permanent, emergency or seasonal, Karmod has the most suitable solution for you in your housing solutions. With the principle of superior quality and service, we have been working with all our strength to produce the most suitable solutions for you for more than 30 years.

Temporary Man Camp Workforce Housing

You can contact us from anywhere in the world for your project needs in every field. You can view all of our modular workers camp accommodation projects and products, of which only a few of them are limited, on our website in detail, and contact us for detailed information.

Looking for a competitive advantage? Partner with Karmod Buildings to help you attract and retain top talented personnel by providing your employees with comfortable, safe, and durable accommodations.

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