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Workforce Housing

When major rebuilding or field exploration projects require immediate accommodations, our modular workforce housing solutions provides a fast, flexible and comfortable answer. Short- or long-term, in local or remote locations, for small crews or several thousand, we can customize workforce accommodations and modular barracks that support optimum performance and offer a comfortable living environment. Since 1986, Karmod modular workforce housing technologies was known for surpassing in technology and having a stable relationship between clients which made it one of the best prefab buildings provider available in the world. As Karmod Prefabricated Modular Technologies, we want to implement innovation in each and every aspect of our work. To do that, with our expert research and development team, we constantly search for modern technologies to use in both production of our practical modular buildings and improve our way of service.

Modular Workforce Housing & Barracks

To us, a modular workforce housing must contain the core elements of a basic portable construction but must be able to provide high durability, portability, practicality, cost-efficiency, and configurability.Meaning, we design all of our modular workforce housing to withstand most of the harsh environment that they are going to occupy, to be easily moved from one place to another with/without the need of deinstallation and to have their entire interior, exterior, roof, floor or other customizable parts to be configured by the client to implement their imagination in their prefabricated modular workforce housingwhile still paying considerably less compared to other permanent and modular workforce housing available in the market. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we promote innovation and practicality among our workplace and constantly improvise in the toughest situations to both develop ourselves and increase our productivity. When working, we consider all humane and professional measures and take the necessary precautions before starting our project to reduce the probability of the disturbance we may cause around us to a minimum. We believe that one of the core reasons of our global success is the mutual respect we maintained with our customers throughout the years and the will to always develop and improve in many ways.

Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing & Camp Systems

In many countries, it is getting more and more difficult for workers to buy or rent modular workforce housing in the areas where they work. There are multiple reasons for this situation. Some of the reasons for this situation are the uncontrolled growth of cities, the inability of minimum wages to keep up with increasing living costs, and the fact that the demand for housing cannot be met in a short time. Workers naturally want to take advantage of the limited affordable modular workforce housing options in the regions where they work. However, in cases where these demands cannot be met, many workers move to the outer edges of that area. So, it causes longer commute times for workers, higher traffic levels and a variety of problems for residents.

Modular buildings for construction sites and Workforce Housing

The term workforce housing is increasingly used to meet the need for workforce accommodations camps. While modular building technology has increased in popularity recently, it also comes to the fore as a solution for workers’ residences. Modular buildings have long been used as low-cost houses as a solution to urbanization problems. Work in this area has come a long way, and success in this area has attracted the attention of other industries. But what exactly does workforce housing mean?

Oil Field Workforce Housing – Modular Mobile Homes

Modular workforce housing was first used in mining camps. Mines are often located in areas far from residential areas and it is difficult for workers to travel from their homes to the mine every day. For this reason, accommodation centers have been established in areas close to the mine and workers have started to stay in the camps. Today, with the development of prefabricated technology, its use has become widespread in different industries. Construction camps has emerged as an ideal solution for long-lasting and remote projects in construction sites. The fact that modular buildings are portable has enabled them to be used in almost all industries. Temporary workforce housing is used in temporary projects in many industries.

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