Prefab Home 97 m²

  • Living Room 26 m²
  • Bedroom 16 m²
  • Bedroom 9 m²
  • Bedroom 12 m²
  • Bedroom 6 m²
  • Bathroom 6 m²
  • Entree 6 m²
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Mass Housing Design and Affordable Construction Solution

The new mass housing design concept produced by Karmod is suffering from a great shortage of adequate housing in the world. As the world's developed countries are rapidly urbanizing, the demand for adequate and affordable mass housing in Africa, the Middle East and South America is expected to increase further in the coming decades. Mass housing projects will gain importance for the supply of housing to the low and middle income groups in developing country cities in the world. The traditional process of building mass housing is time consuming, generates large amounts of construction waste, and is of poor quality and not durable. When the new generation housing estates produced by Karmod are put forward, alternative construction technologies will offer an improvement over traditional construction by mechanizing parts of the construction process.

Compared to traditional on-site construction, alternative technologies have the potential to improve the speed and quality of construction and reduce environmental impact. In the Present World scenario, these relate to large scale mass housing projects or multiple small scale mass housing projects in the immediate vicinity. The technologies require a high initial investment and a large-scale project to remain financially sustainable. The government may intervene in the early years of technology acquisition to increase financial viability.

The World's Most Impressive and Fast Mass Housing Project

Rapid urbanization and economic growth will increase the demand for adequate mass housing in the cities of the world. The new generation mass housing projects produced by Karmod will help meet this need. But building current public mass housing using traditional technology is slow, poor in quality and harmful to the environment. In contrast, more mechanized alternative construction technologies significantly reduce construction time, improve quality, produce less waste and consume less water.

The world has always adopted different mass housing designs through different typologies due to its geographical, cultural, social and economic differences. But the country has seen a significant shift in housing patterns since the birth of urbanization and the global exchange of technology and materials. Since then, different mass housing typologies have become indistinguishable, regardless of site and context, with the process, construction system and spatial arrangement being adapted in a similar fashion to the designs.

High quality and low cost mass housing project

However, some architects try to design sensibly by being considerate of the key requirements, goals, and context of the mass housing estate design process.

Low Cost Community mass Housing is a concept that deals with the following methods that help reduce the cost of construction through efficient budgeting and use of locally available materials as well as upgraded skills and technology. There is a great misconception that low-cost public mass housing is only suitable for low income groups and is built using cheap building materials. The reality is that low-cost public mass housing is achieved with proper management of vehicles. Economy is also provided by completing the projects in stages.

The world is constantly facing a huge challenge due to the ever-increasing population of its countries. In the world, the majority of the lower income groups and today the lower middle class cannot even afford their mass housing estates due to high construction costs. Such families save money throughout their lives and take out loans to buy their mass housing estate.

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