Nigeria mobile classroom & school project

Purpose Of Usage School Classes
Building Model Container
Number Of Buildings 30
Total Area 1140 m²
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Nigeria
Completion Time 20 days
Currently 35 guests are viewing this project

Our mobile schools are in the Nigerian headlines!

Karmod's mobile schools built on the Borno province in the north-west of Nigeria are in the headlines of Nigerian newspapers. Local children attended their first classes at school gathered in the city of Maiduguri.

"These mobile modular schools will play an important role in improving the conditions of education in the country, and we plan to spread these schools to the region in general," said Nigeria's deputy PM Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who represented the government at the opening ceremony

The first phase of the school project consisted of 30 classes and was carried out on a turnkey basis with all Karmod devices. Each class consisted of 32 students, so the total number of children at school was 960.

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