Karmod prefabricated buildings again at the top; New establishment for the skiing centre in Ergan mountain

Total Area 160 m²
Region To Be Used Turkey
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Karmod for prefabricated buildings continues to take place at the top. Karmod's new project was launched at an altitude of 3000 m on summit of Ergan Mountain.

Erzincan will have the world's 2nd longest skiing track with 12 km length. At a cost of $ 55 million and under the coordination of Erzincan governor the scope of the project is to provide a facility for local and foreign tourists’ accommodation.

After search and investigations from governor's office, Karmod brand was chosen as an experienced company in this sector for construction of the prefabricated facility. The facility was established at Ergan mountain summit with large efforts and very difficult circumstances in order to meet the need of ski fans accommodation.

The facility was specially designed taking into consideration the harsh winter conditions at the summit.

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