Bp Shah Deniz 2 – 3 project Azerbaijan

Bp Shah Deniz Project

Karmod Modular Building Technologies, which is one of the pioneers of ready-made buildings sector, was established in 1986. As Karmod, we have been and continue to be the choice of dozens of leading construction companies, public institutions, private institutions from all over the world, with superior service guarantee and innovative product technology since 1986. We took part in many different sectors with our wide range of products used for different purposes. In the health sector, we have built many health institutions from temporary field hospitals to permanent hospital structures. We carried out the construction site mobilization of large-scale projects in the construction sector such as Bp Shah Deniz Project. Together with our prefabricated houses, we have made thousands of users home.

What Is BP Shah Deniz Oil Gas Project?

Our adventure, which started in Turkey reached all parts of the world from America to England, from Africa to New Zealand at the end of about 35 years and continues its activities worldwide. We also realized a project that we are happy to contribute to in Azerbaijan. The project, known as the Bp Shah Deniz Project in Azerbaijan and located 70 km southeast of Baku, is a natural gas deposit discovered in 1999. This gas field is the largest natural gas field in azerbaijan. Bp Shah Deniz Project first phase started operation in 2006 and 9 billion cubic meters (bcma) of gas is produced annually by the bp company. The project has been supplying gas to Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia since 2006.

Karmod azerbaijan bp caspian – Bp Shah Deniz Project produced two prefabricated work site buildings for employees offices and workers accommodation. For the 2nd phase of exploration projects,  temporary container management offices and worker camp buildings were supplied by us and Karmod was preferred for the production of Bp Shah Deniz Project for this project, which has the opportunity to supply 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe since 2019.

Karmod Was Preferred In The Oil Field Man Camps Structures Of The World’s Largest Gas Field Project.

Container and prefabricated structures were used in each of the units included in the project, such as working offices, dining halls, dormitories, changing rooms, kitchen, toilet and shower units, and warehouse. Within the scope of the camp project to be used by Bp gas managers, technical personnel and workers, 126 container complexes and 1 2200 square meter prefab closed area were used in the first stage. Azerbaijan Bp Shah Deniz Project carried out all activities within the scope of the BPShah Deniz 2 project, taking into account the environmental protection factors.

Within the framework of projects in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on 9 September 2013 the country’s 25-year validity companies in need of Azeri gas deal was signed in 2019 began to be delivered to Europe via Turkey. The revenue volume of the project agreement is calculated as 200 billion dollars. The project implemented by the world-renowned oil giant BP’s natural gas via Turkey AZF partnership will be moved to Europe. The prefabricated units we produce for the long-term project will serve permanently.

All 126 site buildings for the world’s largest gas field project production and installation were completed in just 7 months. We preferred prefabricated and demounted sandwich panel combined containers in our buildings used in the project. All of our products are long-lasting structures suitable for earthquake zones. Our environmentally friendly products with easy transportation and installation advantages are also economical structures. The materials used in its structure are materials with a low risk of burning and in non-flammable class. Our products with high insulation can be used in all seasons.

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