The Ice Cabin project in Eritrea

Number Of Buildings 46 Units
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Karmod has finished delivery of 46 living work site cabins complex to Eritrea the African country with the hot climate.

Karmod living cabins were installed in Eritrea were the average temperature is 40 degrees. Despite the high heat Karmod cabins provide cool environment thanks to the high insulation used in manufacturing wall panels. This is why the work site employees started to name them "Ice Cabins".

This work site cabins established by Karmod for the Eritrea gold mine extraction work site are used as offices and workers accommodation. A total area of 2129 m² was used for gold mining workers accommodation in the work site, 6 cabins with 3.9 x 18.3 m dimensions, 14 cabins 3.9 x 12.3 m, 24 pcs 3.9 x 9.9 m, and 1 pcs 3.9 x 8 m, and other models makes a total number of 70 cabins.

The Eritrea’s gold mining project that was established by Karmod included managers and workers accommodation cabins, working offices, meeting rooms, seminar room, dormitories, dining hall and WC-shower cabins.

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