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The complete Karmod production process, from design and manufacture, to on-site installation. With 36 years of industry knowledge, your Karmod container homes manufacture is in expert hands at Karmod Europa company with huge experience will offer you the most optimal solution! Residential container home modules for temporary and permanent accommodation.
Modern Karmod container homes are affordable, stylish, durable, and give your architect plenty of room for creativity. They can also be portable. The modern and bright stunning container home includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room and As a building block, container homes are both durable and versatile—convert one into a tiny home or a backyard office and Karmod series Container Homes crisscrosses the country following builders who are giving their clients the homes of their dreams Container homes that think outside the box. Karmod. Affordable, eco-friendly and fast to build, shipping container homes

Best Container Homes You Can Order Right Now

Container homes can get you to your dream home in just a few weeks. We can easily see that the need for fast and practical life today is much more than in the past. Different modular structures are used to meet this need of people in every field from shelter to security, health to education. Containers are one of them. Containers, whose first area of ​​use is to transport products in the transportation sector more regularly and safely, can now be used instead of reinforced concrete structures in every area of ​​need, from temporary health clinics to summer homes, even work areas. Container homes are the first choice of those looking for a useful and economical home.

As Karmod, we have been in the sector for 36 years as a building technologies company. Thanks to our superior product quality and superior service guarantee, we have hundreds of projects and thousands of user references from all over the world. We produce buildings for dozens of different sectors, from prefabricated hospital constructions to construction sites of large construction projects. In addition, we make thousands of people from all over the world homeowners with our economical, useful and comfortable house structures.

Perfect Inspirational Container Home Designs

Container homes provide a great advantage for those who have agricultural lands and fruit and vegetable gardens or for those who want to own a summer / winter house. In the factory environment, the installation of the container homes, each part of which is produced separately, are completed by Karmod teams at the delivery site and everything from electrical installation to water installation is delivered to the user in a ready-made condition.

Whether it is different agricultural lands, summer or winter houses, when reinforced concrete structures are preferred, you only have to wait for months of construction time. If the region you are in is a region with a lot of precipitation or difficult seasonal conditions, the construction period of your house is also affected by these weather conditions. Your home ownership is getting longer and longer. With the lengthening of the construction time, there will be a lot of extra costs for you.

Container homes save you from these unnecessary long times and extra cost burden when you don’t expect. The production and delivery of the houses produced in the factory environment, regardless of the impact of any external factors, takes place within weeks. When you choose a container home, you will not be asked in the middle of the project more than the amount determined at the time you order.

Modern Container Homes – Factory Direct & Fast Shipping

Container homes, which are produced in a much shorter time than traditional reinforced concrete structures and have much more economical prices, also stand out with their high insulation. As Karmod, we enable you to use your home under all seasonal conditions by using EPS insulation system in our container houses. Along with our standard container home plans, we also have custom production available.

Affordable Container Homes for Every Budget

As a company that has been in the sector since 1986, we can deliver the desired number of containers in the size you want, wherever you are in the world, in the shortest time possible. We have retail sales as well as wholesale containers sales if you wish. Our modernist container homes are completely indistinguishable from traditional structures in terms of quality and usability. They can give you the same comfort at much more economical prices. A-1 class fireproof material can be used in the interior and exterior coatings of our buildings, and painted galvanized sheet can be used for the exterior coating. Electrical and sanitary installations are included in the container with flush or surface mounted options. For American container homes, custom container homes design, container housing design and Turkey container home, contact Karmod, who is just a click away from you. Buy container homes with the best quality at the most economical price and in a very short time.

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