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Containers are multi-purpose modular buildings. They are generally produced as disassembled and installed at the place of delivery. They are used in many different areas. As container city home, as a summer house, as a chalet or as accommodation units in construction site camps, as Mobile container Toilet and shower in dozens of different areas, as security cabinets wherever security is required, as waste storage containers in recycling areas or any waste areas that do not harm the environment They can be used anywhere and in many other areas. The buildings, which are seen as the architecture of the future, are developing day by day and their usage areas are expanding even more. Our products are produced with a screw and seamless construction model with a sandwich panel container houses system. They have easy transportation and installation features.

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The first usage areas of containers are the transportation sector. In the transportation sector, containers that enable the transported products to be transported more safely have been developed over time and have been used in many more areas. As a company that has been producing modular container buildings for the world since 1986, we can provide high security for your goods with our shipping containers.

Our safe buildings ensure that your products are transported in the safest and most damaging way. Thanks to their highly insulated structure, our containers are not affected by weather conditions. They offer productive areas in high temperatures and low temperatures. All kinds of products are guaranteed to be transported. Thanks to their environmentally friendly structures, when you choose Karmod storage containers, you will make the best choice not only for your present but also for our future. Do not decide without looking at Karmod products for the best Mobile moving container store for the storege industry.

Wide Range Of Containers – We have a lot of experience

Founded in 1986, we are a company based in Turkey. We contribute to every sector with our wide range of products. Also, we individually make thousands of people from all over the world homeowners with our container houses, mobile moving containers, container city home, container store, prefab container homes and light steel container structures. One of our most preferred products in our wide range of products from modular containers to prefabricated container houses is our safe and high quality container for sale prices.

You can find Karmod office containers all over the world. As a comfortable accommodation container unit in a worker construction site where the world’s leading companies are established in remote areas, as a container house in a rural area away from the city, as a portable  container toilet solution in a public area, as a showroom of a company, both temporarily and permanently in all areas of life. Thanks to our high production capacity, we can start sending the container you want to anywhere in the world as soon as you order. Thanks to our vast experience in the sector, we analyze your needs in the best way, design the best product for you and deliver it to you within the time you want. If you encounter any problems during use, Karmod professional after-sales teams will contact you immediately and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible. As the world’s best container building manufacturer, we are proud to offer you the best quality with the best service. You can reach our references in different sectors from all over the world and containers for sale prices on our website.

 Incredible Container Homes and Offices Around the World

As Karmod, we think not only our present but also our future. While producing our container buildings, we strive to produce environmentally friendly structures by considering the future of our world as much as we care about your budget and time. One of the products of this effort is our green energy houses. Our containers, which provide a solution to the energy problem in regions and countries where there are no electricity energy lines, attract attention with their environmentally friendly structure. The container system that provides energy production is placed as a separate unit next to the house. An energy-generating system is installed on the unit by choosing one of the alternatives of wind vane or solar panels. And a windy or sunny weather condition is sufficient for energy production. For detailed information, visit our website.

Could modular containers solve the world’s housing crisis?

Versatile Modular Container Homes : Being a well-established organization, we are offering a superb quality range of Containers. Available in various sizes, designs and shapes, these containers are used as project container offices, Mobile moving container store, cement go-downs, security containers, container canteens, container toilet blocks, container accommodation, etc. We manufacture these cabins using high-grade raw material and modern techniques in accordance with the set industry standards. Moreover, our quality controllers keep an eye on these containers at every stage of productions ensuring its overall quality.

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