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Containerized housing unit

Containerized Living Unit is engineered to provide a energy efficient living space with the durability to withstand harsh environmental condition. A Space to Rest and Relax When Employees Are Far From Home. Modified living containers provide a comfortable industrial Containerized housing solution where employees feel safe. Container-based modular Containerized housing solutions stand up to extreme conditions and include climate control, fast and convenient plumbing and electrical connections, and living space where occupants can relax and sleep.

Field Kitchens and Containerized housing Units

Mobile workforce Containerized housing is a critical component for businesses that employ field workers in remote areas. Living container living units provide field workers with proper living conditions that remain secure. The addition of living container housing units allows workers to feel comfortable while helping the company relocate as needed. Man Camp Housing on Oilfields, Remote Border Patrol Housing, Seasonal Agricultural and Farm Worker Housing, Park Ranger Containerized housing

Incredible containerized living Homes Around the World

As Karmod Containerized Housing Technologies, we attach great importance to innovation and practicality in all of our works. For more than 36 years, we have finished countless projects simultaneously and developed as a family to offer much better services for our clients. When thinking about modular buildings industry, we can say that we have upgraded our products and made our goals clear thus contributing to constant development of Modular containerized buildings. From Containerized housing and site accommodation services to security cabins and kiosks, our wide variety of practical and portable modular Containerized housing are designed to offer much more than other containerized kitchen and permanent buildings.

Living in an Ultra-Modern Containerized Housing Units

We know the hardships of starting a new project and we want to provide our clients exactly what they need. Even if fly-in, fly-outs are present, we are aware that an on site accommodation unit must be provided for the workforce. That is why we are, using our expertise and experience in the field of construction, providing the most cost-efficient and practical prefabricated buildings available in the market. As Karmod Containerized Housing Technologies, we consider all humane and professional measures. We take precautions before working to reduce the amount of disturbance we may cause to our surroundings and even, if possible, completely cease this disturbance. We believe that our success comes from the mutual respect we have between our clients and also successfully keeping up the pace with modern Containerized housing technologies and implementing them in our services.

Stunning Containerized Housing Built for Any Lifestyle

Containerized housing units are the future of the prefab modular building industry. Containers that offer a long-lasting user experience thanks to their quality material are used in many industries. Collective Containerized housing buildings are recognized as new in the industry. Throughout history, residences have been built for workers in mines and construction projects. However, the emergence of these buildings as a sector started with their use in large construction projects. Today, Containerized housing units can be used in dormitories, accommodation, remote residences, labor camps, oil field work camps or anywhere and in any industry where a portable or permanent solution is required. The divergence of the construction projects from the distant center and the growth of the projects caused the need for accommodation to grow. One of the factors affecting workforce productivity is that many workers stay together and for a long time. Improving the accommodation conditions increases the efficiency of the project and makes the staff feel at home. The need for accommodation is one of the basic needs. Workers Containerized housing camps is the ideal solution for meeting the accommodation needs.

Containerized living used to build Karmod housing complex

Containerized housing unit are an increasing trend in popularity in recent years. The most important reason for preference is that it can be built quickly and is low cost. It allows it to be built in the desired style and number in the factory environment. The fact that it can be built quickly ensures that workers are ready quickly before starting the project. It takes a long time to build multiple accommodations in traditional style. For temporary projects, it is not possible to move buildings after the project is over. Containerized housing unit gives the opportunity to move all buildings to the desired location after the project is over. It is easy to transport and its content can be modified as desired. Portability feature is not only an advantage that comes to the fore after the project is over. While the project is continuing, you can make changes in the plan of the camp and place the unit you want in the location you want.

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