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In the modern age that we live, speed is one of the most important criterions for everything. We want everything speedly. It does not matter whether it’s food, clothing or anything. Traditional methods in construction industry are being remaining incapable in a lot of ways. People do not wanna wait for months or more than a year to have a house anymore. Or the companies that have a building need do not want to wait too. Especially in urgent building needs, traditional methods can not be used. Modular buildings are being preferred in recent years. Containerized living units are being used for many purposes in many industries. Quarters for oil campgas, mining work camp housing and oilfield camps are only some of the usage areas of these buildings.

Oil, gas or mining work camps are the projects that are mostly installed at remote areas. And they are needed for generally temporary projects. Even though work camps are temporary projects, the buildings that will be used in this project should be durable like permanent buildings. Because sometimes season conditions can be so harsh at the camp places. Also they should be portable. Containerized living units can be very good for work camp projects. They are durable, portable and useful. They can be easily moved when it is needed, they have high insulations and this provides so much easiness in various locations. In addition to these features, containerized housing unit cost is much cheaper than reinforced concrete buildings.

The Biggest Prefab City of the World

Karmod is one of the leading Containerized living units companies in the world. It produces different prefab and container buildings for different building needs. For example Karmod social housing products are being used in many refugee camp or various housing projects like after war or natural disasters.

We have installed the biggest prefab city of the world in Iraq. We completed a social housing project in only 7 months. The project is consisting of 1884 housings and 15.000 square meters social facility. And the camp has 158.000 square meters area in total. The project has a big importance from the point of housing deficit in Iraq after the war. 1600 of the houses are in Bagdad, capital of Iraq and 284 of them are in Al-Kut. In social facilities, there are elementary school, secondary school, nursery school, commercial buildings, polyclinics and masjids. You can look project in detail on our web site.

With its wide product range, you can contact Karmod for Containerized living units Djibouti mobile trailer officescontainers iraqportable cabin iraq and containerised housing units iraq.

Containerized living units also provide so much easiness for those want to have a house

Containerized living units that can be mostly used for work camps or social housing projects also provide so much easiness for those want to have a house. Having a house may take too long if you prefer traditional reinforced concrete building methods. But if you prefer a container building to have a house, you can have your house in only one day.

Containerized living units are produced in a factory as demounted and then they are installed by expert Karmod teams on site. And we can produce your container house in only one day. Then we transport your container living unit in international quality standards to the place you want. Our modular houses are long-lasting and durable. They are suitable for every season and every climatic conditions. With the automotive technology we use for painting, they preserve their look for a long time like their first day. We can deliver our buildings all over the world. Now, we are a company whose products are being used in more than 130 countries.

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