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When containers were originally designed and manufactured, they were used in the living container industry to help transport products safely and with minimal damage. Developed containers, which can be designed differently with the developing technology, have been used in many different areas for many years. They can be preferred as a container homes, as a modular school containers, as a modular hospital containers, as a sales containers, as a mukhtar or as accommodation container units in various places. Thanks to their portable container structure, they can be moved to another location very easily. Thanks to their modular container structure, they are produced in a factory environment and can respond to urgent needs in a very short time. Each part is produced separately in the factory and these parts can be shipped to any place in the world at a quality in international standards and installed there. Portable Containers Are Everywhere!

Stunning Container Buildings: Unique, Sturdy

Although modular portable containers, are still used for the purpose they were originally designed for, they can be preferred in dozens of areas from hospitals to schools. Flatpack container is one of the most preferred structures as accommodation container units in rural areas or mass housing areas built as a result of undesirable situations. It is possible to design, produce and build structures that can accommodate hundreds and thousands of people within weeks and meet all their needs from education to health with the container system. The structures that have easy production and fast installation are also very durable. They can be used even in 1st degree earthquake zones.

Containers can be preferred as additional buildings in Container school buildings that are desired to be expanded. With different design and sizing options, ergonomic living spaces can be produced according to the number of people to use. As Karmod, we built many Container school buildings from scratch and produced additional buildings for many container school buildings.

One of the areas of use is hospitals. In particular, field hospitals are a health center that is needed in a very short time. Container is the ideal choice for durable structures that can be produced in very short periods of time and can be used in all seasons. Establishment of hospitals that can be designed as one-storey or two-storey in the desired size can be performed within weeks.

The World’s Best Container Models and Designs

Mobile office container and storage containers are one of the multi-purpose container types preferred in many places. The buildings that can be used for taxi stands in the city center and for mukhtars are also ideal for your business offices in remote areas!

While the containers are widely preferred for the accommodation units of the staff on construction sites, they are also a very good option for preferences such as a summer house or a winter house, a chalet. As Karmod, we can produce container homes for you in just one day. Our container home, which can be in the form of 2 + 1 or much more different on demand, has many privileges.

Containers You Must See – Fast and Affordable Solutions

Manufactured to the highest quality, our portable containers are suitable for wherever your business requires it. The Karmod range consists of modular container offices that are as strong and secure as the standard container buildings, but remain at heavily discounted prices.

Our Container houses, which we produce in our modern production facilities with our 36 years of experience and expert teams, are completely leakproof. They do not rust or corrode. You can use it with your family and loved ones peacefully without any maintenance costs for many years.

High Insulation Quality
As Karmod Container, we produce our panels in the most efficient thickness in the production of our container houses and deliver them to you to be used in all seasonal conditions. You save energy thanks to our houses, which have high heat and sound insulation for 4 seasons.

The Container Company You Can Order Right

Automotive Technology in Paint
We use automotive technology in the paint of our container house. Thanks to this paint technology, the aesthetic appearance of your home preserves its first day appearance for years and you do not have paint or maintenance costs.

Economic Price
Our houses, which are the best alternative to traditional construction methods, stand out not only with their long life and quality, but also with their economical prices. With affordable prices, our homes are your budget friendly. Visit our website for pre-fab buildings for container office camp, for business or industrial purposes, container office boxes and more.

Container Price

Flat pack container homes range in size and cost. 235×600 container dimensions. The average cost to build a flat pack container home is around $4,100 to $6,200, while larger flat pack container homes can cost up to $15,500. The cost of building a flat pack container home will also increase based on your desired amenities and materials used.

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