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Mobile Homes

Choosing a Mobile homes is one of the most important decisions we will make in our life. The house we choose is a decision that directly affects not only us but also the lives of our loved ones and our family. When choosing a house, everything should be thought out in detail. While considering the aesthetics and size of the house, longevity and the use of quality materials should also be considered. Modular home offers you aesthetics and quality together.

Founded in Turkey in 1986, Karmod delivers mobile home products to nearly 120 countries around the world. With our wide product groups, we are among the most preferred companies in the building sector in our country and in the world. Our most preferred products among these buildings are mobile homes for sale. Karmod Home builds a wide variety of affordable modular homes, manufactured homes and mobile homes available nationwide.

Mobile homes is a system where houses are produced easily, easy to install and easy to move/expand. It’s one of the easiest ways to own your dream home. But the company you choose to realize this dream is the most critical point.

Mobile homes south africa

Mobile homes south africa, sites offices and other transportable building units are fully refurbished to customer requirements. Karmod specializes in the designing, manufacturing and erecting of superior quality mobile homes in South and Africa. Karmod is Africa’s largest manufacturer of Mobile homes for any accommodation requirement, from mobile homes and kitchens to classrooms, .range of Mobile homes, for fast site setup anywhere in South Africa.

Karmod Mobile Homes Are Produced Within Very Short Times

Mobile homes are produced in a very short time because it is produced in a factory environment as disassembled. Production is easier, shorter, and higher quality, as almost none of the challenges of the construction site environment are in factory production. In just weeks, we can build your dream home from anywhere in the world.

Strong References

Karmod buildings are the choice of leading companies in every sector from construction to health. However, there are thousands of Karmod

users worldwide. Considering that we get advice even when buying any product, we can understand that much more attention should be paid to references in a vital decision such as home selection. You can browse our references, the projects we have completed and contributed to, on our website.

Professional After Sales Support Service

Karmod is with you not only during the sale of the product, but also during your product usage time. Since mobile homes are manufactured in a factory environment, the margin of error is very low. Also, you can contact us immediately in case of any problems you encounter during use. You can solve your problems in a very short time with our professional after-sales support service.

Both Aesthetic and Suitable for Needs

When it comes to mobile home, sometimes very aesthetic structures come to mind. However, these aesthetic structures may be structures that are not very suitable for needs. Or the houses that are suitable for the needs may not have an aesthetic appearance. Karmod mobile homes offers you aesthetics and suitability for your needs. We work with expert architects and engineers in our teams. We design and manufacture a house that is aesthetically the way you want, by analyzing your needs in the most appropriate way. Among the dozens of mobile house plans we have designed for you, you can choose the one that suits you best. Dozens of houses from single to two floors, from terraces to garages, from small to large are both very aesthetic and very useful!

Approved Material Quality

The quality of the materials used in our house choices, which is a vital issue, is among the first issues we should care about. Mobile homes are very suitable and safe structures even for 1st degree earthquake zones. You can safely choose in regions from all over the world, together with your family and loved ones. We use certified products whose quality is approved, from exterior panel paints to windows and doors of our homes. While designing your house, we design and manufacture by taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region where it will be built. We manufacture your house and deliver it to you, considering everything for your safety from climatic conditions to earthquake or fire risk. You can safely choose Karmod houses in all seasons and conditions.

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