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Mobile Restrooms and Toilets

Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets technologies merges beauty with practicality. Having served globally for more than 36 years, our products are specifically made for our customers’ needs. From construction site buildings to modular Bathroom and Washroom,, our variety of products are made for your specific needs. Our products have the features of being portable and fully configurable. This means, whether at the start of your operation or in the middle, they can be moved and customized on wish. As Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets technologies, we are known for our construction site buildingsmodular commercial buildings and prefabricated Bathroom and Washroom,as we are considered to be the best. Despite these products, we are also considered to be one of the best in small kiosks like, guard boothsshowers, restrooms, picnic shelters, etc.

Mobile Restroom Suites & Bathroom

Karmod Restroom and Toilet Kiosks are guaranteed to meet your requirements in a construction site. We provide outstanding finishing touches with perfect plumbing system and latest technology wiring system. Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets are generally known for their practicality and quality hence our prefab WCs are no different. We provide full support on our prefab WCs in the span of their lifetime. Normally, when working on a project or an operation, aside from necessary site accommodation of personnel, other common needs of workers must be provided in order to maintain efficiency in the progression of project.

These can consist of container restaurantsMobile restrooms and portable toiletssecurity cabins, etc. However, when providing these needs, a great fortune can be spent as providing on site buildings is very difficult with traditional means. That is why we recommend Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets for your needs. We provide great practical and good-looking structures that are very sturdy, made with quality material and have the ability of keeping the cold out.

Luxury Event Mobile Restroom and toilet Interiors

While having all these features, you can pay minimum amount for a prefabricated on site building. We can save you from spending fortune on traditional and permanent buildings which you will not need at the end so you can spend your precious projects funds to the main concern, the project itself. As Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets Technologies, we pursue beauty and practicality in our works.

That is why we constantly develop and implement new and innovative technologies in our works. Our professional design and research team will always make sure to provide the most useful and cost-effective products possible in the market. Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets are, thanks to the materials used during the production process, can be installed on every environment. They are very durable and we guarantee that they can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

As Karmod Mobile restrooms and portable toilets technologies, we aim to facilitate your work both today and tomorrow. In this direction, we design our modular structures to meet all your needs and use them in all conditions. From restroom kiosks, modular parks and recreation buildings to portable offices, we plan all our products in accordance with the details of your business, on time and in accordance with your budget. Our products are suitable for different weather conditions.

We do all the durability tests required in accordance with the regulation. There are no projects that cannot be adapted for our design team. During the project process, we establish a close relationship with you and understand your needs. We believe that working together is essential for a great user experience.

Our portable structures will not only be durable but will also blend in perfectly with your existing structures. You can choose a portable restrooms and portable toilets structure in a style and size suitable for the design of your project. Thanks to our expertise in prefabricated buildings, we produce a wide range of products. Thanks to our expertise in different fields and our experience in the industry, we understand you better.

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