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Modular Classrooms

Karmod Prefab or modular classrooms provide an immediate solution for continued growth and changing populations in educational environments. Karmod can supply your educational institution with modular buildings and portable classrooms that meet your space requirements. Karmod modular classrooms is the best source for all types of temporary and permanent modular classrooms and complexes and Modular classrooms are a fast, cost effective and flexible solution for your school’s growing needs.

Modular Classrooms and Prefab School Buildings

Being in the modular classrooms buildings distribution and production industry since 1986, Karmod Modular Classrooms Technologies offers more than expected with it’s collective experience and expert teams which are exceptional professionals at their respected department. As a family, we promote innovation and want to develop ourselves to improve our services and products to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We are also constantly in search, with our research and development team, for modern technologies to implement them in the production of our prefabricated panels, which are used to make our modular classrooms buildings, and fully support innovation starting from.production.

From prefab school projects for portable education needs and site accommodation services for construction site modular building needs to prefabricated homes and container restaurants, all of our products are made to increase your efficiency or to have your dream house easily but designed to provide much more. Our wide catalogue of products are portable, very practical, affordable and completely configurable. Meaning they can be moved from one place to another with or without deinstallation, have their entirety customized on demand and still be considerably affordable compared to permanent accommodation solutions or other modular classrooms buildings available in the market.

We also provide full support for our prpducts during their lifetime. As Karmod Modular Classrooms Technologies, we value our customers and want to maintain the mutual relationship we have with them. No matter the place of our work, take the necessary precautions to reduce the amount of disturbance we may cause around us to a minimum as we respect all cultures,  traditions, religions, communities and ideas. We believe that the key to our succes is satisfaction of our customers and their ongoing support. That is why we feel the need of improvement and  want to develop further in this industry to continue to maintain our place at the top.

Quick and Efficient Karmod Prefab Modular Classrooms

Modular classroom is an education building built using components manufactured in the factory environment that is built off-site and then assembled on-site. Modular classrooms are generally used as single or multi-classroom buildings according to the needs of the school. The main benefits of the modular construction method are cost and time savings in the construction process compared to traditional construction methods. Time saving is undoubtedly its most important advantage. Prefabricated modular classrooms are often used in situations where conventional construction is not possible. Sometimes it is preferred in addition to a traditional school. Today, it is used instead of traditionally built schools. For example, if a new school is to be built, even if there is no urgent need, a prefab modular classroom can be preferred instead of a traditional building. Modular school buildings are quickly procured and moved to the desired location. It is assembled on site and requires less manpower than traditional axial constructions.

Modular Classrooms & Education / School Buildings

Modular classrooms Buildings are portable and built in a factory setting. These features enable classrooms to have a long-lasting and flexible design. All the features that exist in a traditional style classroom are also available in modular classrooms construction technology. It can be used for temporary or permanent purposes according to your needs. Although modular and portable words remind temporary use, structures that can be used for many years are built. modular classrooms buildings are designed to meet the same building designs and standards as traditional construction site structures. Although each building is different and designed according to the specific needs of your school, standard modular methods are used in the production and assembly process. In other words, you will not give up on easy assembly and low cost features while having the design you want.

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