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Modular Container Homes

Modular Containers homes, which are primarily used in the transportation sector to transport loads more easily and have dozens of advantages such as ease of installation, ease of transportation and cost, are now used in every field. From single-storey vineyards, mountain and summer modular container homes to modern luxury modular container homes, from chemical waste warehouses to sales offices and kiosks, from field hospitals to emergency life units and polyclinics, from schools to public living areas and camps in the field of education, dining halls, dormitories, wc-shower units in construction projects It is now quite possible to come across Modular container homes that are products of modular living spaces in dozens of areas, from social facilities to public areas.

Best Modular Container Home Manufacturers

Modular Container home structures are very advantageous with all their features. They have an earthquake resistant structure. They have a highly protected structure against fire with the fireproof grade materials used in their production. In terms of suitability for the purpose of use, they definitely do not look like a reinforced concrete structure. However, you do not have to wait for construction time for very long processes like in reinforced concrete structures. From the moment you order, you can easily reach your modular container homes, container villa, living areas for your construction site or whatever area you prefer. Their shipments are very easy. It can be done with a crane. These containers, which are extremely suitable for use in all areas, can be in the form of demounted containers or they can be completely assembled.

Modern Prefab Modular Container Homes

Karmod modular container homes are long-lasting, practical and economical ready-made house solutions produced with a sandwich panel building system. When necessary, they can be easily shipped to another location by crane truck with the advantage of the demounted structure system. Karmod Modular container home structures with 3×7 m dimensions and nearly twenty different ergonomic designs can have sandwich panel walls with eps wool or rock wool insulation. The highest quality materials are used in every stage of their production.

Incredible Modular Container Homes Around the World

As Karmod, we produce the most preferred Modular container homes system in the world. They have excellent insulation thanks to 5 cm sandwich panel wall and 11 cm roof panels. With Karmod new generation container system, the demounted container home structures that are produced and shipped in demounted form are installed in just four steps and are made ready for use by Karmod expert teams and delivered safely.

  1. First, the container subframe is placed on flat ground.
  2. Corner and middle support pillars are screwed and placed on the upper chassis.
  3. Subsequently, windows and doors are installed along with the wall panels.
  4. Finally, your disassembled Modular container homes is now ready for use on a turnkey basis.

Affordable Modular Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

Portable container homes are manufactured in the factory according to your taste, with their long-lasting and safe steel galvanized structure, high insulation and flexible design, and they can be quickly assembled wherever you want. They are delivered to you turnkey with their innovation and superiority. Single-storey or double-storey modular container homes solutions are offered for wide usage area needs. As Karmod, we deliver your modular container homes in a very short time in facilities with a high production capacity of 20,000 square meters equipped with modern production systems. With your small savings, easily own a house without waiting at the most affordable modular container homes prices. Modern container homes will make you a home owner with their very attractive prices and superior features. Moreover, the container sizes are also to your liking.

You can take a look at our dozens of projects we have realized all over the world on our website. Contact us for support and information about the best housing solution for you.

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