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Residential Modular homes. Our prefabricated steel modular homes are perfect for erecting stunning houses. Manufactured and modular homes and modular housing, Our luxurious modular designs are environmentally friendly & perfect for living globally. Our custom prefab homes are built to exacting standards. Industry prices are cheaper. When building or buying a low-cost home, it can make sense to choose a modular or manufactured structure, Because of their efficient, high-quality construction, these prefab modular homes provide the best value in home buying. Manufactured homes conform to Housing  and Karmod modular homes technologies has the best resources and over 36 years of industry experience for the design and production of high performance and top quality modular homes that fully adapt to your needs.

Custom Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes

While Karmod has long-lasting modular homes with a design and comfort that will bring you to the home of your dreams, it also has the capacity to produce comfortable, useful structures that will accommodate thousands of people in temporary housing solutions and increase working efficiency in just weeks.

Modular Homes are structures that can be used anywhere, in every sector, with the advantages they have such as being portable, economical or produced in a short time. With low cost prefabricated modular homes, you can get your dream home in a very short time with much more economical prices than traditional reinforced concrete structures, and you can have also economical and useful housing solutions for your construction projects. Karmod low cost modular homes can be used for four seasons thanks to their high insulation, they are suitable for harsh conditions with its durable structure, they are long-lasting and their maintenance costs are low. It has everything needed to give you the best solution, from plan selection to finishing the house. Those who need the most practical and economical modular housing solution in construction, mining, petroleum and natural gas projects or are in search of a home with the design and comfort of their dreams, with Karmod, it has never been easier to meet your dream home and to find the most useful housing solutions for your projects!

High Performance And Aesthetic Design For All Sizes Of Prefab Modular Homes

Karmod modern modular homes, which range from 28 square meters to 200 square meters or you can choose by making different dimensions if you want, does not compromise the quality of your home while delivering your home to you as soon as possible. When you choose one of the Karmod modular home products, you will have a living space with thousands of user references from all over the world. Karmod low cost prefabricated modular homes allows you to have high quality and comfortable living spaces with much lower budgets. Choose the plan you think is the most suitable for you among hundreds of modular home models, and leave the rest to Karmod. Let Karmod make you dream within weeks. Our modern modular homes are manufactured by our expert teams in our facilities, which have state-of-the-art production systems, by carefully controlling every stage of their production.

Modular Home Floor Plans and Designs

With Karmod, which offers you the best solutions for your construction, mining, petroleum-natural gas or other projects, eliminate the delay in the completion of your project and the waste in your projects. When you contact us for your projects, we offer you the most suitable solution for your project, with the experience of the projects we have contributed before and with our more than 30 years of industry experience. Considering the possible problems you may encounter in housing, we prevent the waste that may occur in your project and the prolongation of the completion time of your project with the solutions we offer you.

Manufactured, ModularHomes For Sale

We have tens of company references with projects we contribute to non-governmental organizations, governments, leading construction companies and many other sectors around the world, and we have thousands of individual user references. You can browse our projects all over the world on our website. You can also look at the low cost modular homes models specially designed for you on our website. Contact us about your projects or the house you want to own individually. Let us offer you the most suitable solution, the most suitable house.

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