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Karmod is an architect designed modern modular homes system built with high quality materials—and delivered to you at an affordable price. Shop for modern prefab and modular homes with our catalog-style database of modern prefab homes with images, plans, pricing, availability, and specs. Introducing the next generation of housing – beautiful, affordable, modern green homes delivered to your site. Modern prefab modular homes.

Custom Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes

Modular home building systems are one of the new production forms of the modern prefabrication industry. Fast production and easy installation are in the foreground in the system consisting of modules. They can be preferred in each of the temporary and permanent modular home building systems. Using this system, environmentally friendly and quality buildings can be built for every living space and business areas such as schools,

hospitals, hotels, modular houses. The buildings can be planned as modular structures, or they can be used in combination with reinforced concrete or steel home buildings.

Single-storey or multi-storey home buildings can be built with modular systems. Completing the production process mostly in the factory environment prevents time losses caused by adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the production provided in a shorter time, the return on investment is also in a much shorter time. Almost all of the construction is completed at the factory, including all electrical, plumbing, ventilation, finishing works.

The fact that field fabrications take up the least part of the construction process also reduces possible safety and damage problems. Manufacturing in the factory environment increases the quality level thanks to integrated quality control procedures, and almost completely eliminates occupational accidents thanks to the controlled environment and occupational safety procedures. Thanks to the production in the factory environment, values ​​such as very high and very low temperatures, snow and wind load can be calculated by experts, and structures suitable for each location can be designed. They are long-lasting structures suitable for permanent use.

Affordable modern modular homes s you can buy right now

Among the modular structures, the structures with the widest usage area are modular homes. Affordable modern Modular homes can be used for many different purposes, from construction to individual use. They can be used as accommodation units in construction sites in projects built in remote areas. Thanks to their suitability for all seasons, they provide safe accommodation areas in harsh conditions. Construction projects are projects where time is very important and conditions can change at any time for many different reasons.

Modular homes are the most suitable structures for these complex projects. Because these modular homes can be produced very easily. They are easy to transport, so they can be shipped anywhere in the world in a short time. With the advantages of easy and fast installation, they are delivered ready to use in a very short time in the area where they are shipped. They can be easily extended at any time in case of urgent need. Adding extra buildings or rooms is much easier than in traditional construction.

Best Modular Home Builder in Turkey: 2022 Edition

Every year, dozens of undesirable events such as war, natural disaster or fire take place around the world. As a result of these undesirable events, the most needed buildings are accommodation units. In modular mass housing built due to refugee camps or other undesirable situations, modular home construction benefits from their rapid production. They are manufactured in the factory, easily shipped to anywhere in the world, installed and delivered ready to use.

 Best Modern Modular Homes for Sale

It is everyone’s dream to own a modular homes and get rid of the rent burden. But unfortunately, real estate prices are not suitable for everyone to own a house. From this point of view, modular homes are one of the most ideal ways to own a house easily and economically. The modular homes of Karmod, which is the preferred brand in the world for modular building units, make you the highest quality home at the most economical prices. Your dreams may be hidden among dozens of home models. Once you experience the Karmod difference with modular homes products, you will not want to give up.

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