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Modular Prefab Houses

Choosing a modular prefab house is a very important choice we make for ourselves and our family, which directly affects our lives. For this reason, when buying a modular prefab house, you should carefully consider everything necessary when choosing and decide accordingly. As Karmod, we are proud to have and continue to deliver our buildings to more than 130 countries from all over the world, especially our own, since 1986. Among these structures, there are structures used for different purposes in different sectors. Worker campof the world’s leading construction projects, refugee camps, prefabricated schools, field hospitals, mass housing projects needed after natural disasters, security cabins that can be used in many places, containers … Our most preferred products among these structures are modular prefabricated houses.

The Ultimate Modern Prefab House List – Best Modular Houses

modular prefab house systems are one of the easiest ways to have your dream home.

We have experience in the these countries: Angola, Benin, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Karmod provides prefabricated modular house structures to the many market around the world. Our range of products include traditional prefabricated container buildings, emergency structures (houses), which can be used for modular prefab house projects after earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes and other disasters.

Premium Prefab Houses: Design and ideas for modern living

Karmod houses are produced in a very short time. Modular prefabricated houses are structures produced in a much shorter time than reinforced concrete structures. When you choose prefabricated buildings as a house, you will not have to wait for months. With Karmod houses, you can have your dream home in just weeks. Our prefab modular houses, preferred by thousands of people from all over the world, have a disassembled structure. Each part is carefully produced in our facilities, which have the latest technology production systems. Our homes, which are produced in international standards, are delivered to the region you want in international transportation standards and are delivered to you in a ready-to-use form after being installed by our teams.

When it comes to modular prefab houses, structures with uniform and simple designs usually come to mind. As Karmod, together with our teams of expert architects and engineers, we designed our houses by considering every taste and every need. Our modular prefabricated houseshave different plans and designs. They can be as single-storey or double-storey. Among our single-storey houses, we have single or two-room houses for narrow spaces, as well as models with two or three rooms, which are suitable for larger spaces and more people. Among our villa prefabricated house models, we also offer you terrace and garage options with our models with two, three or more rooms. Our customers can customize the house plans and designs. They are aesthetic buildings that are highly insulated against bad weather conditions and sound disturbance. Thanks to the zinc-plated galvanized structural steel, our houses offer you safe use throughout all four seasons.

Prefab Modern Modular House Construction

When choosing a house, it is important that the house is durable, long-lasting and has an aesthetic design, as well as an affordable price. While Karmod modular prefabricatedhouses are much longer lasting and durable than ordinary modular prefab houses with its superior quality, it is much more economical with its price. User reference can often give more clues about the quality of the product and the manufacturer than the dozens of features offered about the product. Karmod houses have thousands of user references from all over the world. As Karmod, we are with you not only during the order but also after you start to use your home. We provide after-sales support for any problem you experience in our modular prefab houses and solve your problem as soon as possible.

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