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Modular school buildings

Karmod Modular school buildings offers both temporary and permanent solutions for educational facilities. Quick, flexible and affordable solutions to space problems. Design Space offers a variety of sizes and configurations of modular school buildings for your short and long-term classroom needs. Karmod portable & Modular school buildings provide an immediate solution for continued growth and changing populations in educational environments.
Education is the most important issue for our society and the world we live in and for our future. For this reason, every development and subject in the field of education has the same importance. As Karmod, we produce permanent, temporary, environmentally sensitive, durable and robust prefab school buildings and modular school buildings that meet the changing needs of our future education sector with our modular buildings. Karmod prefabricated  modular school buildings are the best choice for modern and durable education areas. It can be preferred for both public and private schools with its advantages. Our modular education and school building products are just like reinforced concrete structures. Durable and durable structures are also much more economical and environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. They are produced in a short time, and their installation is very easy thanks to their production with a seamless bolted system. They can be easily mounted elsewhere in temporary use.

Quality modular school  buildings for classroom and community use

A sandwich panel can be used in buildings that can be container or prefabricated. They can have everything an education building should have. Library, meeting centers, portable wc, locker rooms, gym, portable classrooms … We can offer you everything you want for your school with prefab modular school buildings.

One of the advantages of modular classroom building is that you can do this very easily when you want to expand your school. Since they are produced with a non-welded system, when you want to expand your building, the installation of your prefab buildings and outbuildings can be made in accordance with your old buildings in a very short time, and a solution is found for the expansion need in a very short time. Modular school and education building products can be used for the buildings of institutions in many educational areas such as primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, special education centers, public education centers.

Innovative And Comfortable Modular School and Education Buildings

There is no capacity limit. modular school buildings can be designed and produced in the capacities you want. Karmod provides modular school buildings with modular systems.  Since 1986, we have been working on the design and production of innovative, comfortable and accessible structures at the same time. With our buildings, we strive to make quality not a luxury, but an accessible lifestyle. We have contributed to many different projects from all over the world in the sector where we have exceeded 36 years. Among these, there are many different sectors such as the construction sector, education sector, health sector. Thanks to the modular school structures we produce for more than one sector, we can offer you the most suitable solution for you with our wide range of products, and we can also provide consultancy services for your projects.

Some advantages of Karmod Modular school buildings:

  • Easy transportation and fast installation in a short time
  • Special design for classroom needs
  • Production with high technology and quality control system
  • More efficient use of economic resources
  • Four season usage with high insulation.

We have built modular school buildings in many different parts of the world. We completed one of these projects in Malta. The purpose of use of the buildings, which we completed the production and installation in a very short time, was to serve as an additional school building. The buildings we produced with our New Generation Container system consisted of 8 classrooms and had a total area of 386 square meters. As Karmod, we completed this project in just 13 days. You can view the dozens of projects we have carried out on our website in detail. For modular school buildings for sale and for detailed information about our prefab school buildingsand order, you can contact us at our phone numbers and mail address.

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