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Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction and Permanent Modular Buildings: This innovative, sustainable construction method employs off-site manufacturing of prefabricated modules that are deployed in whole building solutions (single- or multi-story) Permanent modular buildings are normally seen in high-rise apartment buildings and offices. Relocatable modular buildings. Save time and money with modular construction of permanent and relocatable buildings for schools, offices and multifamily buildings. High Quality Prefabricated modular building with Competitive Price

Developers in all industries want to meet the needs of their fields in the most cost-effective and shortest time frames. Whether you need to expand an existing facility or have Permanent Modular Construction  in addition to your changing needs, permanent modular buildings are a great choice.

Permanent Modular Construction Definitions and Examples

By using Permanent Modular Construction , Karmod constructs buildings that are assembled and ready for use. With this system, both Permanent Modular Construction and temporary buildings can be built. Modular structures offer the opportunity to build structures more easily than traditional construction. It provides very important convenience. One of these conveniences is the construction times that are considerably shorter than conventional construction. A building that will last for months can be produced in just weeks with the modular system. In addition, one of its advantages is the ease of installation. Unlike the ever-prolonged and challenging construction site processes of traditional buildings, prefabricated structures and buildings save you from those challenging processes thanks to their production in a factory environment. As a result, costs are also reduced. At the same time, thanks to these two great advantages, more customers can be served in a shorter time.

Permanent Modular Construction , Offices, Schools and More

Permanent Modular Construction are used as accommodation units especially in construction sites and provide many advantages. Comfortable areas where all personnel can stay provide the most efficient rest of the employees and this increases the work efficiency. It is possible to produce all-inclusive structures from dining halls to dormitories, from security offices to work offices, where hundreds of personnel can be accommodated in just weeks. In addition to the advantage of minimum waste and increased productivity time and cost savings, the damage to the environment is also reduced. Thanks to the planning with the modular building, trade coordination and construction processes are facilitated.

Off-Site and Modular Permanent Construction

With the modular system, it is possible to produce both modular Permanent Modular Construction and modular temporary structures. One of the buildings used as permanent is prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses are very useful when the income level is low and it is difficult to own one of the houses built with traditional construction methods. Houses produced at low cost can be delivered to the buyer at much lower prices. Like all other modular structures, they save you from the troublesome conditions of the construction site environment and provides a very clean and easy home ownership. As Karmod, we have made thousands of people homeowners with our structures for 35 years, we have thousands of user references from all over the world.

Another building group used as permanent housing projects is mass housing projects. Mass housing projects are low-budget projects that require structures that will allow a large number of people to accommodate in a very short time. Permanent Modular Construction  are the ideal choice for these projects. Not only as houses but also, for example, different building structures from school to hospital can be produced with this system in refugee camps.

Relocatable Buildings vs Permanent Modular Construction

Modular systems are called the architecture of the future with the effect of developing technology. As Karmod, we offer Permanent Modular Construction solutions for a wide variety of industries. We build our future with the architectural system of the future, from mining operations to natural gas projects, from educational buildings to hospital buildings. We also contribute to the industry by offering economical and useful alternatives to the obstacles and challenging processes of traditional construction methods. As we can support you from the beginning to the end of your project, we also support your ongoing projects. As c experts, we believe that we have the most suitable Permanent Modular Construction solution for you in every area, regardless of the number, size and geographic location. We know that if we communicate, you will also believe. With our expert staff, we have the knowledge and experience to meet every field need.

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