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Prefab Housing

Prefab housing units are fire safe and energy efficient, moreover, Prefab housing are made from high-quality and durable materials. Modular housing consist of units or modules that are constructed in factories and joined together on site. Base prices for our prefab housing series range between $150 and $300+ per square foot for the modular portion of the home. Combining innovation with practicality, Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies can provide all of your prefabricated housing needs. With over 36 years of experience in this industry, our utmost aim is to achieve the happiness of our customers. The understanding of having prefabricated housing has gone significant changes throughout the years.

Prefab Housing: Design and ideas for modern living

In the past, prefabricated Housing buildings were seen as the same with permanent structures but less durable and portable while being more expensive. However, this idea has been changed entirely. Nowadays, prefabricated housing are the best solutions for temporary accommodation or other services and they are especially very effective in terms of large-scale projects.

From portable office buildings and dorm containers to container villas and modular hospitals, the services that prefabricated constructions industry has to offer has developed significantly. That is why, as Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we want to push the limits of this industry and offer beyond our clients’ requirements.

With our expert research and development team, we are constantly developing and implementing new, innovative ideas and technologies in our services for the sole purpose of offering wide variety of services that remain to be the best in the market. When beginning a large-scale operation or a project, managing project funds can be quite frustrating.

Affordable Prefab Starter Prefab Housing

An employer must provide accommodation and other needs of his/her employees. Providing this much services to the workforce and having project expenses make managing funds even more frustrating. However, we are with you as Karmod Prefab Housing Technologies. Our products are very durable, meaning that they can withstand the harsh conditions of project sites and any natural or other disasters. They are very practical as you can configure anything from height to weight of your prefabricated building an deven move it somewhere else with ease. While doing all of this, our products are also very cost-effective and guaranteed to save you funds while you are working on your project so you can focus on the most important thing, that is, working on the project.

Introducing the next generation of prefab housing

Prefab Housing are portable structures built with durable materials. Worker camps, guard booths are essential buildings for projects of different industries Prefab housing are not a luxury for workplaces in areas far from the city. Every facility needs portable or traditional style buildings. Prefabricated housing have different characteristics from temporary structures. It is designed not to increase the work quality of a worker, but to be used as a home for a long time. For this reason, it is not enough just to be durable. The comfort inside should not be different from a traditional home. Another feature that distinguishes low cost prefab housing from worker camps is that they can be built anywhere. Its appearance is as important as its functionality. Although it is modular and portable, its most important feature is that it is a house. Features of every home are also available in Prefab housing. Electricity and plumbing, durable doors and windows are available in prefabricated houses as well as in every home.

Custom Prefab Housing. Sensibly Built.

All components of Prefab Housing are produced with high precision in a factory environment. All building elements pass quality control tests and comply with international standards. A residential and house projects are designed with special software to ensure that the materials to be used are produced to suit the needs of the prefab housing . A house produced with environmentally friendly materials is deployed with advanced assembly technology. It has great advantages compared to traditional construction projects. Prefab housing are projects where you will get maximum efficiency in minimum time. Prefabricated housing are more advantageous than traditional buildings, regardless of type, from a single house to a large complex. The houses, which are highly resistant to bad weather conditions, offer a long-term use experience. It can be easily deployed on floors where traditional construction is difficult, and can even be added to a traditional building when necessary.

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