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Prefabricated Homes 

Since 1986, Karmod has been providing affordable, quality prefab homes for all lifestyles. Prefabricated Homes of Turkey provides affordable, quality, and luxury Prefab homes,We Provide High-Quality & Durable Prefabricated Homes To Meet Your Specifications & Budget. Quick Build Time. Prefabricated homes are energy efficient and quick to assemble. Company building eco-friendly & energy-saving Prefab homes from 15.000€. Contact us now.  Prefabricated homes, also known as prefab homes, are the new way to build a custom home at an affordable price, ma is an architect designed modern Prefabricated homes system built with high quality materials—and delivered to you at an affordable price. Karmod prefabricated homes are modular prefab homes that are precisely built in climate-controlled facilities, then shipped and assembled on site. All of our prefabricated modular homes are designed for long-term use, to offer you and your loved ones quality and comfortable living spaces. Along with individual use, prefab homes are also preferred as accommodation units for construction sites or mass housing projects, refugee camps or areas established after a disaster. They are distinguished by fast production, fast installation, low price and high quality.

Why Should You Prefer Prefabricated Homes?

Prefabricated homes are the best alternative to the obstacles created by traditional construction methods with their features. When you choose traditional construction, you have to wait for months for your home to be finished. The extra costs incurred in this process, the construction sites affected by all kinds of weather conditions, and the problems caused by the personnel are also weary reasons. Since prefabricated homes are pre-engineered structures, you do not have to deal with the problems caused by the construction site or personnel. With flexible design possibilities, you can reflect your personal style in your home more easily and economically.

One of the most important issues in our age is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is increasing due to reasons such as increasing consumption and recycling not being essential, and jeopardize our future. Prefabricated homes are environmentally friendly as well as economical and high quality. By choosing these houses, you will not only think about your present but also your future.

Prefabricated Home Floor Plans and Designs

Your dreams may be hidden among Karmod prefabricated Homes! As Karmod, we have designed dozens of prefabricated home plans that can be suitable for every budget, every taste and every need with our experience of more than 36 years and our team of expert architects and engineers. Our models include single-storey, low-square-meter prefabricated homes that are suitable for narrower spaces, as well as duplex and two, three or four-room models for larger areas and more people can use. However, we have models that can be preferred for large areas and crowded uses in our single-storey models. Our single storey prefabricated homes have a wide range of models starting from 28 m2 to 149 m2. In our duplex models, we have a prefabricated home model with 91 m2 and 2 rooms, and a house with an area of ​​148 m2, which is suitable for every need and taste.

We produce our prefabricated homes with unwelded system, so you can easily do this when you want to move your prefab home to another area at another time, at the same time, when you want to enlarge your prefab home, this is easier than reinforced concrete structures. From the moment you place your order, the production of your prefabricated home starts as soon as possible in our high production capacity facilities with an area of ​​20,000 square meters. After placing your order for the prefabricated home model you want, we deliver your prefab home to anywhere in the world by road, sea or air in just weeks. We set up your home by our teams in the region we deliver and deliver it to you. We are at your side with our after-sales teams for any possible problems after the installation of your prefab home.

Prefabricated Homes Quality, strength, comfort and value.

One of the goals of Karmod, one of the prefabricated homes manufacturers turkey is to make the highest quality accessible in the most appropriate way, together with the innovations and products it produces. Prefabricated homes prices are budget friendly. Our prefabricated homes with aesthetic design are also budget friendly. In addition to having a house in a much shorter time compared to a reinforced concrete structure, you can also own a prefab home at much more economical prices.

Prefabricated Homes Price

House Square Meters
Number of rooms Price Ready To Session Price
51 m2 Prefab Homes 2+1 9.500 USD 15.800 USD
64 m2 Prefab Homes 2+1 12.000 USD 20.000 USD
82 m2 Prefab Homes 2+1 15.000 USD 25.000 USD
100 m2 Prefab Homes 2+1 18.500 USD 32.000 USD

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