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We Provide High-Quality & Durable Prefabricated Houses To Meet Your Specifications & Budget. Eco-friendly, energy-saving & healthy Prefabricated Houses from 10.000 €. Contact our experts for a personal consultation. Valuable Construction. Full Project Management. Fixed Price, Low Build Cost. Quick Build Time. Best prefabricated houses prices and luxury construction, modular steel luxury prefab houses. Custom premium quality factory built steel luxury prefabricated houses for sale

Sustainable prefabricated Houses – Fast and Affordable Solutions

After the impact of the earthquake disaster as a result of the 1999 earthquake on human life and buildings was once again understood, further attention was drawn to the importance of the construction and development of prefabricated house structures in the construction sector. The general manager of one of the largest Prefabricated house companies in Turkey Taner Öztürk said, “the life of prefabricated houses are more than 40 years.” and continued, “The industry has witnessed a rapid rise in the last five years.”

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install prefabricated houses

Most people are concerned about how safe prefabricated houses are compared to traditional concrete houses. However, prefabricated house structures are made of light strong steel to the highest quality standards, making them completely safe, practical and modern solutions. Afterwards, Öztürk continues by saying “We have not received any complaints from many housing projects we have realized”

He continues’ The warranty for normal reinforced concrete house is about 40 years, while quality prefabricated prefab homes has an expected life span of more than 50 years. In addition, prefabricated houses always have a reassembly feature not found in other house types. Because they are produced with a seamless bolted system.’

Affordable modern prefabricated houses you can buy right now

Prefabricated house buildings are modular structures produced in a factory environment. Houses, which constitute the new living spaces of the future with their features, can be produced in a very short time. Production forms are demounted. Demounted means that the parts are separate from each other and not assembled. Disassembled production provides convenience both in terms of transportation and cost. More products can be transported as disassembled one time compared to products produced and shipped in one piece. This saves time and money. Prefabricated house pricesare very economic. Each part of the prefabricated house structures produced as disassembled is packaged separately in international standards and shipped to all parts of the world at international standards. When it is shipped to the requested place, it is installed by expert teams and the requested prefabricated house is shipped ready for use on turnkey basis.

Own the world’s most preferred prefabricated houses with prefab house manufacturer Karmod. Get the summer house of your dreams, the home you dream of living in retirement at very economical prices and in a very short time. Prefabricated housesare produced in a very short time. Production is completed in just weeks, including all parts.

The Ultimate Modern Prefabricated House List

First of all, you will find the best prefabricated houses here with our 30 years of experience in the production, quality and economical living spaces. Our prefab houses are carefully prepared by our expert architects and engineers with an innovative line by synthesizing modern architecture. You will find luxury and comfort together in all of the long-lasting, earthquake-resistant, environmentally friendly, health-safe houses using the latest system new technology. The houses, which are mostly used for summer purposes, are among the most preferred houses thanks to their affordable prices.

One of the advantages of the prefabricated system is that the buildings are environmentally friendly. When using green prefabricated houses, which are much more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures, you do not harm the environment.Karmod prefabricated house structures, which offer high quality and healthy living spaces with high heat and sound insulation, durable structure, are earthquake resistant with steel galvanized sheet in their structure. It also provides protection against fire thanks to another fireproof class used in its structure and materials with low risk of causing fire. Single-storey and duplex, with tens of different aesthetic designs, with terrace, garage, veranda, optionally with one room, two rooms or more. Our prefabricated house models, which can have rooms, have been specially designed for you by expert architects and engineers. You can contact us for more information about single storey german prefabricated houses and duplex prefabricated houses, order and detailed pricing.

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