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Prefabricated Housing

High quality prefabricated housing with competitive price, Low cost prefab Housing are built offsite and then can be easily installed at any location desired by the consumer.

Prefabricated housing is a great opportunity for low and middle income people to own a home. But there is a common misconception about these houses. These houses are considered to be undurable, simple and suitable for temporary use only. However, with the development of technology, production systems and material quality are also improved. With these developments, prefabricated housing units can be much better quality, aesthetic and long-lasting. Still, if you are thinking of buying a prefabricated house, you should pay attention to the following:

These ingenious Prefabricated Housing could set you free

  • The quality of the materials used in the production of houses
  • References of the manufacturing company
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Having an economical price
  • Can be used in all seasons

Other areas where affordable prefab modular housing is preferred are construction site camps, mass housing projects, and refugee camps. Prefab multi unit housing will be very useful in areas where a large number of people need to stay in a short period of time, and where durable structures are needed temporarily. From family homes for Africa to important construction projects, Karmod products are the world’s choice.

Karmod uses certified materials in its prefabricated housing

When we choose a company for building a house, we actually entrust our lives to that company. Small mistakes in home production can cause major damage, loss of time and even loss of life. Therefore, when choosing for your home, you should definitely get information from the manufacturer about the quality of the materials used. Karmod prefabricated housing building can be used even for 1st degree earthquake zones. For this reason, prefabricated housing is used in camps built after the earthquake.

As Karmod, in each of our products, we prefer certified products whose quality are approved. We care about your safety and health more than anything else. In addition, we care about having an environmentally friendly production system for our world and future generations, and we produce our products in an environmentally friendly way. When you buy our prefabricated modular housing unit, you will have environmentally friendly, safe and healthy structures.

Karmod has references from all over the world

Karmod is a company specialized in prefabricated technologies. Our company, which is trusted by the best in the world, closely follows the developments in its field of work and technology and constantly improves itself. R&D teams, in which the products are designed and produced, are made up of expert and experienced architects and engineers. We deliver our products all over the world. Modular affordable housing offers you the most economical, most useful and safest living spaces.

Karmod has dozens of prefabricated housing models

As a company that has international product quality in prefabricated housing, one of the things we pay attention to is the variety of products. We work for designing and manufacturing our products in a variety that is suitable for everyone around the world. For this reason, we have designed dozens of different prefabricated house models specially for you. Our house models include many different house models, from single-storey to multi-storey, from one-room to four-room.

Our houses, which you can choose as a summer house or even as your daily permanent living spaces, are earthquake resistant and can be used in all seasons. Also our houses, which are produced in our production facilities with the latest technology production systems, are produced as modular structures and installed by Karmod expert teams wherever you want. Karmod teams are always at your side for any problems you experience after sales.

If you want to have safe, healthy, economical and comfortable living spaces in the shortest time, contact us immediately. Do not regret. Enjoy comfortable, peaceful and safe living spaces with Karmod prefabricated housing.

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