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Refugee Camps

Technology is changing, world is changing. But over the years, there are things in the world that do not change. Wars and natural disasters are among these things that do not change. Because of the wars and natural disasters thousands of people die, again thousands of people remain homeless. Most of time, even they may have to change their countries. Because of that, Refugee Camps are being installed. With the development of technology, it has been so many changes in construction industry. Modular refugee camp buildings that have been developed as an alternative to the traditional reinforced concrete buildings are considered as architecture of the future…

World’s largest Refugee Camps

We can see modular refugee structure in furnitures like chair, sofa and table etc. Also constuction industry modular methods are being started to be used too often in recent years. Prefabricated and container structures are being used as houses, hospitals, hotels, refugee camps, construction site buildings, offices, public housing, security… So what are these modular buildings? What is the difference from the traditional buildings? Modular buildings are not “built.” They are “produced” in a factory as “modules” as the name suggest. They are produced with an unwelded system. After they are producedi they are delivered to the place and in that place they are installed.

They are portable structures. When it is needed, they can change their location easily. When there is a need for expansion, they can be easily extendable. Because of these and more advantages they are preferred in a refugee camp. We can see prefab refugee camp or container refugee camp all over the world.

How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp

Commonly, tents are used in a refuge camp. But those Europe refugee camps are not durable at all. They can not be used in harsh winter conditions or very hot summer days. Because of that, modular buildings are the best option for those camps. Traditional buildings can not be used because their construction is very expensive and it takes too long. Also they are not portable or they can not extendable easily. In addition to these, their insulation is expensive. But in almost all those camps, budget is very limited. In refugee camps in AfricaSyrian refugee campsPalestinian refugee camps un or other camps, modular buildings are preferred. For world’s largest refugee camp, modular buildings were preferred too.

Refugees and asylum seekers in Europe 

Modular refugees camp buildings can be used for even every harsh climatic conditions. They are designed considering the climatic conditions of the region where they will be delivered and used. Their insulation is very good. Also one of the best advantage they offer is economic prices. These camps are designed and installed generally with the support of non-governmental organizations. For this reason, price is very important. With these modular structures, camps where thousands of people can stay are produced and installed in very short time.

Refugee camps and migrant children in Europe

One of the leading modular building manufacturer companies Karmod designs, produces and delivers prefab and container refugee camps. With its wide range of products, Karmod has a building for every industry. You can see its products as summer houses, work offices, dormitories, dining halls, modular hospitals, security cabins, wc and shower cabins, ticket sale offices, kiosks and more…

Karmod prefabricated and container refugee camps buildings can be used safely for years. They have very economic prices. They are suitable for even first degree earthquake zones. The sandwich panels that are used in their walls and roofs offer high insulation. As Karmod family, we produce our buildings with the awareness of the pain and traumas experienced by people forced to leave their country. You can contact us for detailed information about our refuge camp buildings.

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