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Modularity is a popular concept being used in construction industry during the recent years. Modular schools and Classrooms buildings are being produced in a factory as modules and demounted, then their installation are made in the place where delivery is made. We can see modular hospitals, Modular schools and Classrooms buildings, modular cabins, modular accommodation buildings, modular houses or modular hotels all around the world. Prefab office container or light steel framed house buildings are the most preferred structure types for modular Schools and Classrooms building projects.

Custom Modular School and Classrooms Buildings for Education

These Modular schools and Classrooms buildings are mostly preferred for two reasons. One of them is urgent building need and the other one is for places where it is difficult to prefer reinforced concrete buildings because of so many reasons. For example, Modular schools and Classrooms buildings are very good solution for refugee camps and disaster homes. Because in this kind of situations, there is a urgent and temporary building need. But also these buildings that are needed for temporary situations have durable structure. Because even they will be used for a short time, there can be harsh season conditions or various regional climatic conditions.

Karmod is a Modular schools and Classrooms buildings  building manufacturer company. You can see Karmod modular buildings all around the world. It installed tens of modular school and Classrooms buildings in many different parts of the world.

Modular School and Classrooms Buildings – Temporary and Permanent

Karmod can produce Modular Schools and Classrooms buildingfor every reason and need. Mostly we produce school buildings for camps like refugee camps or disaster homes. And also we produce modular education buildings for rural areas where reinforced concrete buildings can’t be preferred for many reasons. Economical reasons are one of the main reasons. Reinforced concrete buildings are expensive products. Because of that, modular schools are the best for places where a reinforced concrete school cannot be built for economic reasons.

Schools of the Future: Modular School and Classrooms Buildings

Claire College Additional Building:

We installed 2-storey 8-classroom Modular Schools and Classrooms buildings in only 13 days. Total length in metres is 386 square meters. We used new generation container for this project. We produced the buildings in our modern production facilities and than we delivered them to Malta. We installed them on site. Because they have unwelded system, their installation has been easy and in a short time.

We completed an another project in France.  We installed  10-classroom school in 10 days. We used prefabricated panel system for this project. We completed their pre-production in 17 days.

From new generation container system to prefabricated panel system, all of our buildings are come to the forefront with their long lasting, high insulation, fast and easy installation features. They can be used for years without any problem.

Modular education building types for schools Classrooms and campuses

We are equipped to erect entire prefabricated schools which consist of facilities ranging from multiple Modular Schools and Classrooms buildings, ablution facilities and offices to libraries and laboratories. You can contact Karmod family for all buildin need from modular camp buildings to modular hospitals. Karmod buildings are being used in more than 130 countries now.

 Best Modular Schools and Classrooms of the World ideas

With new generation system and expert teams, we produce the building of our future. Usage of prefab buildings are increasing day by day. We can produce all buildings with prefab system.

Schools Sell and Donate Their Portable Modular Classrooms

Container Buildings and  Modular Schools and Classrooms buildings that are first used for transportation when they are designed, are being used for everything now. Especially they are mostly used in construction site buildings. With their easy and fast installation, portability they are indispensable for worker camps.

Modular School and Classrooms For Sale – Affordable Structures

For temporary building needs, Modular Schools and Classrooms buildings is one of the best choices. You can see them as Portable security cabins, wc and shower cabins, commercial cabins, tickef offices, work offices, taxi ranks… Karmod is one of the leading companies about modular cabin production.

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