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Emergency Shelters and Emergency Housing 

Quality Emergency Shelters for Homeless with Competitive Price. Karmod helps homeless individuals and families move into transitional and permanent housing. Prefabricated modular Emergency housing is not only cheaper for the city, but it’s also safer. Prefab Emergency Shelters can easily be designed and engineered to meet the needs of any industry. Recent social housing projects show how affordable prefab homes can tackle homelessness. In-factory construction builds homes quicker and at a lower cost.Temporary flatpack Emergency Shelters for a more dignified life in displacement. Durable Structure.

Emergency Housing for Families – Rapid Re-Housing Works

Disasters and Emergency Shelters occur with an increasing frequency from day to day. There are many casualties as a result of disasters. In addition, disasters also cause many negative physical, economic and environmental aspects. It causes structural damage in people’s living spaces. The victims whose houses have become unusable are forced to leave their homes. Helping hundreds of people who left their homes and finding a place to Emergency Shelters poses the “Emergency Shelters for Homeless, Emergency Housing problem after the disaster”. Meeting the Emergency Housing problem of disaster victims also constitutes the basis of post-disaster studies and emergency shelter and housing solutions.

Emergency Shelters after a disaster or emergency; It is a complex process consisting of emergency aid, remediation and reconstruction stages. This process starts from the beginning of the disaster and continues until the establishment of the living standards of the people in the period before the disaster. The recovery process after disaster and post-emergency processes varies depending on the physical size of the incident. During this period, the post-disaster Emergency Shelters needs of disaster victims are generally met by temporary living shelters during the period from emergency shelters at the stage of emergency assistance to the delivery of permanent residences.

Temporary living shelters of a world brand Karmod are the best!

The main purpose of emergency shelter and housing processes is to restore the living conditions of disaster victims who have suffered after a disaster. However, the fact that temporary disaster shelters and temporary living shelters, which have traditional structures used in the improvement phase, or permanent residences become unusable after delivery or they will be disassembled and removed are economically expensive applications. Therefore, governments, public institutions or non-governmental organizations are generally used in modular buildings in this process. However, this process leads to a large number of permanent Emergency Housing demands that must be produced in a short time. Producing many permanent houses in a short period of time causes many negative effects such as the use of bad construction techniques, unplanned construction and unplanned urbanization, causing many physical, economic and environmental damage to settlements.

Modular buildings, on the other hand, respond to multiple housing needs in a very short time. Thanks to their production in the factory environment, there is no construction site process like in reinforced concrete structures, so emergency shelters produced with the modular system do not harm the environment. They are earthquake resistant. Temporary living shelters can be used for very long periods until the permanent Emergency Housing problem is solved.

Emergency Shelters for Homeless, Health, Housing

Karmod has designed shelter to be the toughest, long lasting, most insulated as well as lowest cost available. And our panel and monolithic shelters transition nicely from temporary shelter to permanent dwellings. The number of buildings that can be built with limited budgets for temporary solutions after the disaster is low. With its economic structure system, Karmod is the best choice for limited budgets. Besides being economical, our portable Emergency Shelters, which have world-class quality, also offer you different design alternatives. With different interior and exterior coating possibilities, designs can be made in harmony with the aesthetic texture of the region.

With our 36 years of industry experience, we took part in dozens of different projects in dozens of different sectors. For this reason, we believe that we will provide you with the best housing solution you need. With Karmod temporary living shelters, it is possible to produce structures where thousands of people can comfortably stay in just weeks for emergencies. Emergency shelter units, designed by our expert teams and controlled at every stage of their production, can be single-storey or multi-storey. They can be easily moved to another area when desired. Electricity and water systems are delivered ready-made. Contact us for environmentally friendly, human health friendly, economical and long-lasting structures.

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