Karmod shares its success storeies with university students

Karmod shares its success storeies with university students

University students

While Karmod has achieved significant successes in the commercial field for 35 years, also it continues to set an example for the new generation with its experience …

Karmod Prefabricated was invited to the panel on “Success Stories in the Business World” organized by Istanbul Commerce University. Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod’s vice president and CEO shared Karmod’s success stories with the university students of Istanbul Commerce University. In the panel attended by Karmod CEO Mehmet ÇANKAYA, the experiences of companies operating successfully in their sectors were shared. Mehmet Cankaya presented passages from Karmod’s experiences since its establishment, in the panel, which was held on an interactive ground and in the taste of a conversation. Talking about the trade network that they constantly expand both domestically and abroad, Çankaya attributed this to qualified production and effective customer relations management.

Referring to the fact that they never neglect technological investments in production, Çankaya stated that they evaluate the trends well and shape their production according to the target audience. He emphasized that making production according to every season and need brings their companies to a wider customer base.

In his speech, Mehmet Çankaya said: “The importance we attach to Human Resources separates us, and working with professional staff is an important element in our branding. Of course, there is an advantage of being one of the first in the sector. ” He emphasized the elements of differentiation.

He presented a plaque to Çankaya with the university students, faculty members and the head of the department. The panel ended with the plaques given to the speakers.

Business Ethics Entrepreneurship” Award To Karmod

Karmod received another award for its production quality and business principles. Karmod Prefabricated was deemed worthy of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award given by the Economic Enterprise and Business Ethics Association (İGİAD) to merchants who maintain their ethical stance in business life. The Entrepreneur of the Year Awards organized by IGIAD found their owners in a ceremony.

Keeping the principles of business ethics ahead and continuing its business life and growth with its own capital without using external resources, Karmod was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the ceremony. Top Manager (CEO) Mehmet Cankaya, who attended the ceremony on behalf of Karmod, received the award from İGİAD President Ayhan Karahan. In his speech at the ceremony, Çankaya emphasized that they are a company that defends and supports honesty, which is its principles in the business world.

Cankaya stated that the award given is a great pride for them, based on the values ​​of business ethics, which are among the issues Karmod cares about most, and said:

“In today’s world, where the value of almost everything is measured in material terms, we have a great responsibility to believe in moral principles. We need to prioritize our moral values, which are the keys to halal gain, from the management we show in our businesses to the behaviors of our employees. I thank you with my most heartfelt feelings. ”

Karmod Modular Buildings Are A World Brand With Every Feature

Modular buildings are among the most useful and economical building solutions for every sector. On the subject of modular buildings, Karmod is a world brand.

Karmod, whose structures have been in high demand from all over the world for 35 years and which is one of the firsts in the sector, maintains its leadership in the sector with its innovative production technologies and service understanding that puts customer satisfaction first. You can view all of the structures on the official website and analyze the products in detail. If you want, you can contact us at any time.

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In order to serve you better, if you could kindly send an e-mail to info@karmod.com for questions and details about your theoretical and special architectural plans, projects, and product specifications, your request will be responded to as soon as possible.

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